COVID-19 is still with us, yet we are all returning to a normal life, and this includes music performance. We have many safety protocols in place, but have removed masking for singers so as not to compromise the quality of the performance.
Here are some things for you to know about our upcoming concert, Oct. 22 at Centre In The Square:
  • Everyone in the choir is fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Everyone in the choir and orchestra will have a negative COVID test result on the day of performance, as well as one to three other times that week
  • Choir singers will be mostly unmasked, but most orchestra players will be masked.
  • Audience members will not be asked to show vaccine certificates.
  • Masking of audience members is recommended but not required; extra masks will be available at the concert hall.
  • The Centre In The Square’s air exchange system provides excellent protection during the performance —  maximum fresh air intake, MERV 14 filters with a MERV 8 pre filter
  • There will not be a full post-concert reception as there usually is, but the bar in the Atrium Lobby (Ellen Street side) will be open after the performance for those who wish to partake.
If you have any questions, please contact the choir’s executive director, Luisa D’Amato, at or 226 336 7900