Tom Corken

Assistant Conductor - Adult Choir, Conductor - Youth Choir

Thomas Corken (he/him) is the conductor of the Grand Philharmonic Youth Choir and the Assistant Conductor of the Grand Philharmonic Choir. Tom recently graduated from Western University, completing his Master’s in Choral Conducting.

During his degree he was the Assistant Conductor of several ensembles, and in the London community he was the Assistant Conductor of Aeolian Pride Choruses. He completed his undergraduate studies at McMaster University while working with the Hamilton Children’s Choir as Assistant Conductor of their changing/changed-voice ensemble and as Rehearsal Assistant to their senior and intermediate choirs.

Tom has contributed to Dynamic magazine, is Kodály Level One certified, was recently named a Canada Graduate Scholar and has been awarded the Ontario Graduate Scholarship and the Deral Johnson Legacy Award in Choral Conducting.

Recently, Tom attended Europa Cantat Junior in Ghent, Belgium where he was able to work with Dr. Tracy Wong and singers from across Europe.

Tom is recognized for his ability to bring positive energy to rehearsals, and creating a productive and supportive learning environment.