A message from our children’s choir conductor Andrea deBoer-Jones:

During this challenging time I hope you have been able to have some time to breathe, rest, and reset this summer.

I’m writing to share with you some exciting details for next season.

The board of the Grand Philharmonic Choir recently decided on an online season for all our singers in 2020-21, with the possibility of singing in-person to be introduced gradually as public health permissions allow. This means we will need to be flexible as circumstances change.

As for the musical leadership at the choir, we have been working hard, with much professional development training and discussions with other choral leaders to share what we know about leading choirs in these times.

We have identified some unique opportunities for our young singers, only available in the online format, which I am excited to reveal to you now.

What will GPCC look like in 2020-21?

We will meet online on Tuesday nights as usual — Viva (age 7 to 10) from 5:30 to 7, and Voce (age 10 to 14) from 7 to 8:30, for a robust musical activity and education program.

This will include developing expertise in technology like Soundtrap, which allows for group music-making and creation of playlists.

The final half-hour of each session will be reserved for individual voice checks and one-on-one time with me, Mrs DJ, for each singer. This is something we haven’t offered before!


– Keep Oct. 3 free for Songwriting with Jim Papoulis. We are pleased to have booked this wonderful specialist in creative collaboration with young singers. In this seminar, he will work with our singers to write a song just for our choir! Our singers provide input on the words, sound, beat, message and “feel” of the piece. Jim will then make soundtracks for the children to sing with, which will then be recorded, edited and premiered as part of our permanent body of work!
Based in New York City, Jim has worked with the best, all over the world. Check out his track record here. 

– Special class in body percussion! Perhaps you’ve heard of STOMP, the all-percussion musical that took the world by storm? Former cast member Ollie Tunmer, who now offers workshops in body percussion and samba drumming through his company, Beat Goes On, will share his skills in a special online meeting with our singers.

– Expressiveness in singing, with A. J. Bridel. This Grand Philharmonic Youth Choir graduate, who went on to an award-winning career in music theatre, will teach our singers how to use body language and facial expressions to maximum effect when singing.

If permitted, we will be outdoors in December to rehearse and sing seasonal songs!

– An international friendship experience!  Being online means we can form a special and lasting relationship with other choirs anywhere in the world! We are looking into the specific possibilities for the early part of 2021.

– Optional for Voce singers — we are planning to offer online group lessons in playing the ukelele!
Led by our own Ella Latta Suazo, this enriching and fun experience will take place from 6 to 6:30 pm before choir rehearsals.
This option is just for Voce singers.
This is a separate add-on option, with an additional cost on top of your regular choir registration.
Watch for more information and an invitation to sign up for this!

What choir membership will cost in 2020-21

We won’t be able to run the raffle next season, and because in-person concerts are not happening, there are no tickets for you to buy. So you will see your payment go down this season to a total of $425 per participant. Anyone who participated in ChoirLab will receive a $25 discount this year.

Instead of a full uniform this year, your child will only need the polo shirt and tuque. Details on this will be coming soon.

Sign up now!

And remember: Families who are unable to pay may be eligible for a bursary. Please e-mail Luisa D’Amato, executive director, at executive@grandphilchoir.com

* * * * * * *

We wish you the best possible remainder of the summer and look forward to being together for a unique and exciting new season!

Andrea deBoer-Jones, conductor


Heather Imrie, assistant conductor, Viva
Ella Latta Suazo, assistant conductor, Voce
Anna Ronai, collaborative pianist
Mark Vuorinen, artistic director
Amy Dale, administrator
Nathalie Nasr, librarian
Luisa D’Amato, executive director


Check back regularly for updates!