Grand Philharmonic Choir

Youth Choir Conductor- Position Summary

The Youth Choir Conductor provides artistic vision and direction for the GPC Youth Choir and is responsible for the preparation and direction of the Youth Choir’s performance activities including planning all artistic aspects of the concert season and other performances, selecting repertoire, encouraging new singers to join the choir and participating in recruitment initiatives. This position reports to the Artistic Director.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Artistic
    1. Plan the Youth Choir concert season in consultation with the Artistic Director, with attention to musical skills training.
    2. Plan and organize additional Youth Choir engagements and activities during the year in consultation with the Artistic Director, (eg. collaborations with other performing arts organizations, festivals, competitions and tours).
    3. Participate in GPC community events as determined by the Artistic Director (e.g. Christkindl Market.)
    4. Meet/communicate regularly with the Artistic Director and the Children’s Choir Conductor to discuss such issues as the preparation for concerts, programming arrangements, recruitment and attendance concerns.
    5. Plan the Youth Choir rehearsal schedule in consultation with the Artistic Director and the Children’s Choir Conductor.
    6. Conduct Youth Choir rehearsals for GPYC concerts as well as for other concerts where the Youth Choir Conductor is not conducting the concert.
    7. Conduct the Youth Choir at GPYC concerts, as well as at other concerts or performances as required.
    8. Attend Youth Choir performances at concerts where the Youth Choir Conductor is not conducting, and when attendance is not possible, make alternate arrangements to ensure adequate supervision and support for the Youth Choir.
    9. Organize and conduct auditions for Youth Choir members.
    10. Work with the Artistic Director in selecting any additional musicians required for the Youth Choir performances and then work with the GPC office in making administrative arrangements for them.
  2. Production
    1. Inform the Librarian and the Executive Director of the music and any other items needed for the concerts as approved by the Artistic Director and the GPC budget
    2. Coordinate production arrangements with the Artistic Director, the GPC office and as appropriate with Children’s Choir Conductor.
    3. Prepare seating plans for rehearsals and performances.
    4. Write, edit and proofread program notes for concerts.
  3. Fundraising, Marketing and Communication
    1. Work with the Children’s Choir Conductor, the Artistic Director and the Executive Director in developing a fundraising plan for the Youth and Children’s Choirs.
    2. Assist the Executive Director as needed in developing proposals and grant applications, both those that are specific to the GPYC, and also for grant applications for the family of choirs – e.g. applications to the Ontario Arts Council.
    3. Work with the Executive Director and the GPC office in developing marketing materials for the Youth Choir, including material for the Youth Choir page on the GPC website.
    4. Use appropriate social media as a communication tool and to promote the GPYC.
    5. Communicate with GPYC choristers regularly through emails and newsletters.
  4. Administration
    1. Recruit parent volunteers to serve on a choir committee or as individual volunteers to assist with the Youth Choir program –
      1. Attendance
      2. Parent and chorister communications
      3. Planning of concerts
      4. Planning of social events
      5. Fee collection, uniforms, music distribution and collection.
    2. Provide monthly reports to the Artistic Director for the Director’s reporting to the GPC Board of Directors.
    3. Assist with the annual budget preparation by providing information to the Artistic Director on the costs of the Youth Choir season program.
    4. Attend GPC Board of Director meetings as needed.

Updated Jan 2018