Choir Staff

Tracy Wong

Youth Choir Conductor

Andrea deBoer-Jones

Children’s Choir Conductor


Madeline Weber

Collaborative Pianist, Grand Philharmonic Youth Choir

Ian VanderBurgh

Collaborative Pianist, Grand Philharmonic Choir

Anna Ronai

Collaborative Pianist, Grand Philharmonic Children's Choir


Howard Dyck

Artistic Director Emeritus

In Memoriam

Daniel Durksen

Main Choir Accompanist 1985-2018

Choir Administrative Staff

Board of Directors

The board of the Grand Philharmonic Choir meets monthly to govern the family of choirs. Board members are elected to serve three-year terms by members of the choir community, which convene each year for an annual general meeting.

Board chair Nancy Regehr is an experienced leader in the non-profit sector. She took over as board chair in November 2013 and helped manage its transition from a working to a governance board. Nancy holds a certificate in non-profit and voluntary sector management from Ryerson University. She has run the peace- and development-focused charity, Project Ploughshares, for many years. Now retired, she is vice-chair of the board of Menno Homes, which builds affordable rental housing in Waterloo Region, and also chairs the Centre for Security Governance, which studies security transitions in fragile, failed and conflict-affected states. She lives in Waterloo.

Other directors:

Jenny Shantz, vice-chair
Emily Roe, treasurer
Guy Lazure, secretary
Helen Basson
Rachel Behling
Ilona Busch
Johanne Fortier
Mercedes Geimer
Shermeen Khan
Heather Ivall
Andrew Mellanby
Sean Simpson
Dr. David Taylor

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